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Madison Street Leather

Irish Green Bow Tie - Fresh

Irish Green Bow Tie - Fresh

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Your bowties are so played.  It is time to raise your class with one of the most unique bowties you have ever seen.  Spice up your bow tie game with this Irish Green Bow Tie.  Whether you are Irish, or getting ready for St. Patricks Day, or Christmas, or just every day wear, wearing this tie will be certain to brighten up your day and everyone who sees you.

Each bow tie is cut from a piece of white leather that is then hand-painted (yes, painted!) with paint made specific for leather.    

Each tie is 4 1/4" long by 2" tall. Each comes with an adjustable strap to fit size 13"-21" necks.

Perfect for that next formal event, or to make a statement in your everyday. Be bold and raise your class and get ready to be noticed! 

-each bow tie's color can vary slightly from the picture taken

We always advise people NOT BEND OR TWIST these particular ties as it can compromise the paint if handled too aggressively.  


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