In 2013 an idea popped in my mind: a leather bow tie.  So I pitched the idea to my dad, given as he's worked in leather for years. He liked it, but didn't think it was for him. I thought about it often, but never acted upon it, largely because I didn't know anything about leather or how to make anything.

In August of 2015 my wife and I awaited the arrival of our third child. After Maxwell arrived we knew life was going to drastically change. Max came to us with Down Syndrome, and just six months into his life he needed open heart surgery. Needless to say, all of this changed the "normal rhythms" of life for our family.

I couldn't stop thinking of the needs of my family, as well as leather bow ties.  One day I went to get a cup of coffee.  It just so happened the sleeve around my cup had an image on it: a bow tie.  This was the the blossoming of the idea, into action.   So with the hope that I could pay down medical bills, by working from home so I could be available to my family, Madison Street Leather was born. 

We have continued not only to grow stronger as a family, but even to connect to others impacted by Down Syndrome.  Since our inception we have sought to give $1 back from the sale of every product to organizations that focus on people with Down Syndrome.  This year we have selected Jack's Basket a phenomenal organization of people who are celebrating babies with Down Syndrome, all the while helping to equip, connect, and share these wonderful stories.  Visit them www.jacksbasket.org 

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