Partnering with Purpose

We don't simply aim to make high quality, enduring leather products that get attention, but we also want to draw attention to great people out there.  Given as so much of our story began because of our son Maxwell, who because of his Down Syndrome really changed our journey for the better, we have always wanted to create more awareness and advocacy for people with Down Syndrome.   

In that process we have connected to many in the Down Syndrome community across the entire country, as well as partnered locally with people, families, and agencies doing great work for a great cause.  

We are excited to be in partnership with who make it their aim to "celebrate babies with with Down Syndrome."  Since March 2014, they have celebrated over 6,500 babies across all 50 states and over 40 countries. We regularly give back portions of our sales to them every year and are excited to continue this.