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Madison Street Leather

Finger Football - House Stock

Finger Football - House Stock

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It was time to KickOff a brand new idea. Well an old idea with a new twist.

We all had the joy of playing paper football in our elementary years. We thought it was time to bring it back - with a significant upgrade: FULL LEATHER FINGER FOOTBALL! Each finger football is handmade and is guaranteed to outlast your old paper version.

Enjoy PASSING the time as you wait for your food at the restaurant now with finger football.  Don't PASS on this great opportunity, you'll be KICKING yourself if you do, buy yours now and relive your joys of days of old, and teach this next generation to put down their phone and play a timeless game instead!

Make your purchase today and we will pass along what we have in stock immediately!  (If you have a preference feel free to ASK as we want to do all we can to make your experience everything you want it to be, though we may not have everything in stock)  


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