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Leather Notebook/Passport Cover (for Field Notes)

Leather Notebook/Passport Cover (for Field Notes)

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You know you like to escape the endless screen time. It's why you get out and take walks, hikes, or sit at your favorite cafe.  And it is why you travel.  Well take advantage of the escape with a pen and paper.  Don't go another trip, or everyday occasion without our leather notebook/passport cover.  You'll be so glad and refreshed by writing things down. 

Nothing like getting out in nature, or sitting down at your local cafe, or for that upcoming vacation, and pulling out a notebook and writing, drawing, doodling, journaling, or even doing some remote work.  Rediscover the joy of writing things out on a real piece of paper.  With our Leather Notebook Cover you will again LIVE. 

Each made from our favorite American leathers.  Each is hand stitched, with finished, burnished edges.  These leathers will age masterfully and get endless uses as the years go by.  

Folded over they are 4" wide by 6.25" tall.  

Select from our various leathers

Heritage, Mahogany, Antique Cognac, Deep Navy, Medium Brown

(Does NOT come with a notebook)

Leathers can vary based on lighting and part of hide they are cut from. 

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