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Madison Street Leather

Shamrock Coasters

Shamrock Coasters

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Maybe you are Irish, or at least dream of being Irish.  Maybe you are getting ready for a St Patrick's Day party, or maybe you think these would just be great green splash to your living.  Or maybe it is that your friend named Patrick is really Irish, and he needs these.  Whatever the case, our newest leather coasters in this beautiful green leather are here for you. 

These come in a set of 4 (three of the 3 leaf, and one "lucky" 4 leaf clover included in each set). 

Each is 3.75" in diameter, sure to cover your glass bottom.  They will age gracefully and masterfully.  Throw away your cheap coasters and get something that will look great and last.  


Leather may vary slightly from pictures as each cut potentially has variation in tone, and so your set could have slight variations of red, though we do our best to put them all with the same tones for your set(s). 


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