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Madison Street Leather

Woodgrain Bowtie

Woodgrain Bowtie

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You are a special person, the fact that you visited this page, to see this product proves it.  A special person requires a specialty bow tie.  Meet your newest bow tie that will work for both the formal event or everyday wear.   Let our work and our high quality leather bow tie make you stand out from everyone else.   The wooden bow tie was a part of what inspired us to make a leather bow tie years ago.  We've merged these two into one of the most unique concepts we could dream up.  

Each of these "wooden" bowties is actually made of 100% tan leather.  We dye each piece of leather by hand, with countless strokes of different tones of brown dyes, to add these different shades and give it a textured look.  We then patiently brush on a sheen finish which not only locks in the dye, but gives it a new, cleaned, freshly varnished wood look.  

Everyone will make their way to you and want to know more about this one-of-a-kind bow tie.  It's time to ditch your traditional bow tie that hasn't turned any heads and years and try this new look that is here to stay.  

Each tie is 4 1/4" long by 2" tall. Each comes with an adjustable strap to fit size 13"-21" necks.

Perfect for that next formal event, or to make a statement in your everyday. Be bold and raise your class.

-each leather can vary slightly from the picture

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